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Viernes 7 Enero 2022: Mixed bag

Good morning readers. Today is a challenging Friday.

First, I received the second of two vaccines against shingles (Shingrix) yesterday. I don't regret it. I recommend everyone who had chicken pox as a child and is over age 55 get one. But man, this thing has a kick! The first shot was worse, but only marginally so. Still have the headache and aches all throughout my body, combined with chills. But no fever though, so its better than the first jab.

Second, management of our 500 unit condo sent an email around late yesterday that revealed two of our condo staff have tested positive for Covid and a third has active symptoms and will likely test positive today. All three are quarantining at home now. I can't say we are surprised; mask use in the condo's public spaces has been falling for some time, despite signs urging caution. The thing is, we have immune-compromised people living here too and, for them, protection from Covid is a life-threatening issue. I wrote a note to the management office suggesting a new sign, especially for the elevator cabs. It might read:


Active COVID cases have been identified in this building. Immune compromised people live here too. For all our sakes, please MASK UP!"

I know masks are uncomfortable, inconvenient and a pain in the ass, especially in warm weather, but we owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to put everyone's safety above mere inconvenience or momentary discomfort. I know its not a popular word these days, but let's have a little solidarity with our neighbors and stop acting as though everything important in the world begins and ends with us.

Finally, the bright side of today. While visiting family over Christmas, I had a chance to use and enjoy (ok, I took it over) my mother's Yeti branded thermal tumbler. This thing was amazing. It kept water so cold that I found the ice-water I left in it the night before still ice water the next morning. And despite containing such cold liquid, it doesn't sweat, even in a humid atmosphere. I was sad to leave it behind when we came home. Well, as in the picture above, Mom noticed how much I liked hers and sent me one off of Amazon that I am already using and enjoying to help myself rise above the Shingrix discomfort. Thanks mom!

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