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Martes 18 Enero 2022: COVID Continues to Encircle

Blood pressure is probably high today; it's feeling more like Covid encircles us, laying siege.

On Sunday during my Zoomed Toastmaster's Meeting, one of the members of my TM club reported that he and his whole household, consisting of two parents, three children under ten and an uncle (wife's brother) contracted it and spent the better part of a week sick. The uncle, who declined vaccination, contracted it first and brought it home. Fortunately, the parents and oldest child were vaccinated (but not boosted) and only experienced the equivalent of a bad bout of influenza, along with the two youngest kids. The uncle is currently hospitalized, facing intubation with an uncertain prognosis.

This morning when I passed by the front desk my favorite front desk clerk tells me she was absent all week last week with it, but that she and her kids had recovered and received a negative PCR test on Sunday. However, her fiancé, who has diabetes, remains hospitalized with it. All were vaccinated, but not boosted.

Then, later this morning, as I rode a down elevator, we stopped on the floor below mine and two unmasked went-somethings boarded, on their way to the gym. I excused myself and got off.

"You don't have to leave," the young woman said.

"Yes," I replied. "I do. We have active cases of Covid in this building. We have immune-compromised people living here as well. The least we call can do is wear masks and since you are not, that elevator is entirely too small for me to risk my health."

I know it's not good for my blood pressure to let these sorts of things get to me, but honest to God the selfishness and lack of consideration for fellow human beings leaves me cold. I get that many people don't like to wear masks. I'm not crazy about wearing them myself. But until we get cases lowered we have a duty to look after our health and the health of our neighbors. Whether we like it or not, Covid does not differentiate and we really are all in this together. Let's see if we can all do a better job of all getting past it together


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