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Lunes, 3 Enero, 2022: Can't get there fast enough....

As if to underline our decision to flee the U.S. for another place, our first work day of 2022 arrives among a significant snowfall. Our home is one of those communities where weather prognosticators often warn of disastrous snowfalls that frequently do not arrive. But, looking out the window, it appears we may get every inch of what has been predicted.

In Valencia right now its cloudy and 15 C, or about 59 F. Wish we were there now! I had planned to move a bunch of stuff from the hall closet to Goodwill today as part of the condo clear out prior to sale, but the layers of white stuff heaping up on the pavement has shut that down for a while.

It just so happened that the Husband had an errand which demanded we go out in it earlier. We found the outbound trip easy but followed by a treacherous return. When we began the journey, the air temperature hovered between one an two degrees C, enough to keep the ground too warm for the snow to stick and to keep some raindrops among the flakes. But by the time we came back, the temperature had dropped to 0 C, turning the rain into snow and chilling our streets enough for the snow to carpet them ever more thickly.

A note about the metric measures. We have started to run our household on the metric system, since we will soon live in a country which uses it. That has meant reprogramming our brains.

I have decided it makes little sense to keep translating Celsius measurements to Fahrenheit numbers and, instead, to simply learn Celsius. In other words, get used to what different C temperatures are like in and of themselves and stop thinking of them in reference to a Fahrenheit number. So far I've discovered that for the Husband and I, the sweet spot of comfort is the decade between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Anything much below 20 degrees C and we probably want to start looking for a light jacket, and once we get up into the higher 20's degrees C, we may want to start looking for some A/C, a fan, or at least a breeze.

Of course other factors like presence or absence of wind, humidity, precipitation, etc might change these perceptions, but that's what I have figured out so far.

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