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Ending 2022 On A High Note

Happy Holidays Readers,

I know my greeting is early for most of you, but today's big news has me humming carols despite the calendar.

The first big news, Manny Porter and the Yuletide Murder goes on sale in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon on December 13. It's already on sale as an ebook on my publisher's website.

Some readers expressed some confusion about my first book, A Champion for Tinker Creek, because it straddled genres, not being one hundred percent romance and not one hundred percent suspense. But I can reassure everyone that the second novel is squarely one hundred percent mystery/suspense.

Next big news, the visas for The Husband and me to live in Spain finally arrived, and we are booked on a flight from the Washington DC area to sunny Valencia on Christmas Day. What had been shaping up as a hard candy holiday as we sat in limbo waiting for visas, became an exciting, adventurous day to launch the next chapter in our lives. I pledge to write here often to keep everyone apprised of our progress.

It's also appropriate at the start of the year's last month to share some gratitude. A persistent round of bronchitis kept me from celebrating Thanksgiving or giving thanks to my readers through this blog, but I want to now.

I know there aren't many of you yet, but I want to tell every single one of my readers how much I appreciate your generosity and goodwill in picking up a book by an author you had never read before. I had no real idea of genre or its importance before I wrote Champion. The point of my first novel was to prove I could write one and tell the story my characters demanded. None of their experiences really came to life until someone chose the book and read them, so I am deeply grateful you did so.

On that note, both books make affordable holiday gifts. I look forward to sharing the lives of Lyle and Manny and the other residents of my little low-country city of St. Michael's Harbor and its working-class, immigrant neighborhood of Tinker Creek in 2023.

P.S. Another big news item. LESBIreviewed has added Manny Porter to her review list. Thank You!

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